Private Home Visits!

Customized Lessons!

Individual Attention! 

Now Serving: NYC/Long Island

All lessons will be delivered in the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for your particular schedule.  The curriculum was originally designed to be fully implemented through four lessons lasting approximately one hour each, but can be streamlined for your convenience.  During an initial consultation, the family and instructor will discuss the curriculum content, which ranges from the physiology and physical changes of pregnancy, to the labor and birth process, to breastfeeding and infant care, and everything in between.

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Based on the consultation, a custom lesson plan and visit package will be created according to the family’s needs. Visit packages include personalized instruction/demonstrations, printed materials/handouts, visual aides, and a follow-up visit after the baby’s birth to ensure a smooth transition and to answer any additional questions the family may have. A separate breastfeeding package is also available, which includes one lesson prior to delivery, and a follow up visit after baby's arrival.

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